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    CADER develops and invests in real estate, real assets, and energy assets. CADER's real estate investment focus includes all commercial and industrial real estate product types, asset classes, and market segments.


    CADER's real asset and energy developments typically include a range of clean energy technologies and distributed energy resources. CADER aims to continue to produce superior risk-adjusted returns based on adherence to its business principles, investment philosophy, and a disciplined approach to investing in its investment approach.


    CADER's management team, advisory board, board, investment professionals, and partners have decades of experience in their focus areas and are domain experts committed to excellence across all of their development projects and investments. If you see something that interests you and you would like to get involved, please reach out.







  • Philosophy

    CADER is a leading developer and investor in real estate, real assets, and energy assets with expertise across the asset classes in which it invests and the execution in which it manages its investments. CADER's disciplined approach to its investment philosophy drives its developments, investments, and management of its projects.


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    At CADER, specialization is tantamount and an integral driver to out business, and over time, specialization has led to improved performance across its projects and investments. CADER is committed to providing best execution development, investment, and management across all projects and assets where it participates. CADER's investment team and professionals are industry veterans and domain experts committed to continued focus on its projects and asset classes. Our projects, professionals and teams benefit from our market specialization and expertise.



    Risk control is a pervasive mandate across all of CADERs projects, assets, investments, and portfolios. There are some risks that CADER accepts in developing and managing its projects. CADER’s investment criteria, investment philosophy, and investment committee strive to identify all risks, the risk that we are comfortable accepting, the risks that we are not, and completely eliminating unacknowledged risks. Further, we rely on our business principles, investment criteria, and our investment philosophy to create a framework of risk controls. We are unwilling to subject ourselves to idiosyncratic risks to earn inefficient returns. We manage our projects to conservative time-lines, investment profiles, and risk controls, and allow additional, uncontrollable project benefits to take care of themselves.

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    In a 21st Century world, technology, markets, investment and business cycles are constantly changing. CADER believes challenging business as usual business practices and technologies is a mission critical perspective that allows our teams to identify and manage new opportunities. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the advent of smart grids and smart cities, the risks of climate change, and the high costs of dependence on foreign energy resources, there are plenty of challenges and opportunities. Challenging business as usual is ingrained in CADER's view and we are constantly integrating new commercially proven and available technologies into our projects. While we typically do not take technology risk, CADER remains technology and vendor agnostic and looks to match different technology solutions with its projects.



    CADER is committed to a consistent approach across all of its developments and investments. It is through this consistent, conservative approach that CADER is able to meet and exceed expectations, investment hurdle rates, and the timely payment of its projects financial obligations.

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    CADER believes that product market identification is a primary driver for its developments and investments. Like all businesses, real estate markets, real assets, and energy assets have business cycles. CADER believes that developing new products into existing markets, and introducing existing products into new markets can both provide compelling investment frameworks and opportunities. As technology continues to improve, new products are continually available, information is not always understood perfectly by markets, and development and investment opportunities are available with proper product market identification.



    At CADER we do, very much believe that markets move through business cycles, however, we also believe that it is incredibly difficult to time market investments so that the timing of the investment is the driving factor in the return on the investment. We also believe that market timing is not always the sole driver in the returns on our investments.

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