CADER develops and invests in real estate, real assets, and energy assets. CADER's real estate investment focus includes commercial and industrial real estate product types, asset classes, and market segments. CADER's real asset and energy projects typically include a range of clean energy technologies and distributed energy resources. CADER takes operational and asset management control of both its short term and long term investments across a range of credit risk profiles. CADER aims to continue to produce superior risk-adjusted returns based on disciplined adherence to its investment criteria, business principles, and investment philosophy.



    CADER develops and invests across all commercial and industrial real estate product and asset types.


    Commercial Real Estate product types include commercial office, mixed-use, multi-family, office-park, and hotel.


    Industrial Real Estate product types include distribution, logistics, supply chain, and light manufacturing product types.


    Commercial real estate includes a range of product types and investment profiles

    Industrial real estate includes multiple product types and real estate credit qualities



  • Zero Net Energy Buildings use a combination of distributed generation assets, energy efficiency, and conservation to reduce energy

    Micro-Grids use local, distributed generation, clean energy assets and energy efficiency on a locally, controlled grid to manage energy

    CADER develops and invests in Zero Net Energy Buildings & Micro-Grids.


    Zero Net Energy Buildings, and Low Net Energy Buildings reduce building energy consumption through a combination of distributed energy resources, asset and operational energy efficiency, conservation, and building design to match Building systems load including HVAC, lighting, and envelope.


    Micro-Grids provide local generated energy for buildings across a local electrical grids that connect multiple buildings or campuses. Micro-Grids are often comprised of different technologies to meet site specific energy and load demands.



  • CADER develops and invests in clean energy and resiliency assets.


    Clean energy assets include solar, wind, energy storage, energy efficiency, combined heat & power, fuel cells, and other technologies that do not rely on fossil fuel.


    Resiliency assets include almost always distributed generation assets that provide redundant or back-up power for electrical grid congestion and severe weather events.

    Clean energy assets include solar, wind, storage, fuel cell, and combined heat & power

    Resiliency assets including distributed generation, storage, & demand response